WEEK15 – SuperDead

Lets talk about this weeks when you think you must make something and you think it could not be more crap. However this week i am still a little bit sick so i started making the game on thursday. Besides some other issues that demotivates me this week to work on something i had some good news too: i am now a registered XBox One Developer and my Devkit arrived. Microsoft is a really Indie friendly company – if you concept is good enough and if you fill out many forms (and you they help you as good as they can – the support is really great) you get Devkits and can make games for XBox. A childhood dreams become true. I plan to port Balloon Girl first and i plan to make Hyper Skater a title which comes first to the XBox (but maybe i will launch them directly on both who knows).
However i got a small platforming “broforce” like idea. And i wanted to test out “destroyable world” (which doesnt work as i thought).

What went good:

Not much this week – the game is a kind of part of a game. And it has lack of everything lol.

What went bad:

Motivation was bad, idea was ok but not a real idea. I felt more like grinding – doing the same again. I think i must try again more different but on the other side i want to become better at platforming games.

What i learned:
Not much i think – i did thinks that i did sometimes before again. I don’t trust fully in Unity Input System (and this is the reason that this game is ONLY playable with a joypad).

Important: Keyboard is currently not supported. Also it is this time a Windows Build as Unity had a problem with the Input System Preview System in Web.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week15/SuperDead.zip

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