Week 21 – Breakout VR

First of all – this game runs more than a week (it took 2 overall) and it is still not finished. I plan to release it to itch.io on sidequest or if possible on the oculus store.
However – currently it is not possible for me to take the “Game A Week” seriosly. I tried to make another game too but i had no idea. I joined Bored Pixel Jam and had no idea what to make.

So i decided to take Breakout VR as my last Game A Week Game (maybe i resume the challenge in some weeks). This is not that i am saying Game A Week was bad – it was a really great experience. And as i said at the end of 2019 i said “whoa i made really 23 games ?”. It was so fast that i even forgot which i made. The last 5 years before i made a way less games.

But back to Breakout VR – i came to this idea by a cover of the Gameboy Game “Alleyway” where mario is sitting in a capsule space ship controlling left and right. And my first idea was “wouldn’t it be cool to do this in VR ?”.

What went good:

I could take some scripts and game mechanic logic from the 2D Game which i made a week before. Also i used some premade assets which was really good and as i got a “good” version running it took out it is funny concept which i will continue in the near future to bring it fully to live.

What went bad:

I had problems to come in into this. But after i got a starfield and some blocks it become better. But there where some things that still was bad: Blender export in Unity works not how i expected.

I made a small ship very fast – but when i am inside of that ship i don’t see the ship. Backface culling is on but its still not working. Collision inside of a mesh is a mess too. I ended up to make Box Colliders around overall.

What i learned:
Some Blender and Colliders stuff. Also that porting arcade to VR is a good idea sometimes.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week21/breakoutvr.apk

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