Week20 – No Real Game again

To all my readers (if i should have any :)) – this week no game – sorry.
The week started rough with some personal things that made me a mad mood about doing things.
However i had an idea for a game – a Breakout in VR. Just you are in the ship like in the cover of “Alleyway” and controlling it.
I still like the idea so i designed a small capsulated ship.

And put in in a new game in space. And looked wonderful. The problem with VR games is that the oculus SDK is big and the setup for the project takes more time like regular games.
I had 2 prototypes for this week (and last week) for VR (a SuperHero VR).
So i moved them to this week. Both are unfinished but i really want to try out if this works (more the Breakout VR as the “Super Hero VR”).
So i should take them out from the “Game A Week” and try it out.

So its not that i did nothing – but is not finished in any state.

The second thing is that i was really unmotivated. Personal things in my life (not my family) that ruins the whole week until the weekend (where i was on a trip to a beach – this was really wonderful).
So as i was on a trip and i don’t want to stress i decided to skip this week.

However – i want to bring the “Game A Week” to a small “Final” 😀
I want to finish it to concentrate on the other tasks.

So maybe next week you know more.

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