WEEK10 – Neon Legends

This week i felt a little bit burned out and i felt that the Game A Week is eating all my free time currently.

However i first though about of remaking “Who Are You” in simple (3D Chat with a base male and base female avatar). But i discarded the idea and thought about of making a 2d Top Down RPG (like Full Metal Furies as i thought they just trick out the sprite drawings and this could be easy – how wrong i was).
So i decided to have 3 skills (Bullet, Spell Cast and Hammer Throw) and ended up with a arcade shooter instead of RPG.

I had no big motivation to do it this time.

I planned to learn Unity New Input System (in preview – and i will learn why it is still preview…).

What went good:

Not much this time. Well i got a game and i got accidently an Arcade game.

What went wrong:
Almost everything else.
Graphics was okay but i spent too much time to refine them.

I had no big motivation (Iike in Crazy Driver) to make this game. This is when it feels like time wasting.
Also Unitys New Input System is in a really buggy state. I tried to switch animation State on Input Callbacks. This only works for the first event but not for the second i didn’t figured out why.
So at the end when time rush i decided to make a Arcade Shooter (with Waves – which can be infinite maybe).

Also i really overscoped this again. If i thought about how much thing i must do i really thought “oh boy – no” 🙂

What i learned:
The new Unity Input System is still a alpha and has many bugs in my opinion. So if you want to use – use it on your own risk.

The next thing i learned is that i need more time to test some ideas out sometimes and that i shoulnd’t pick ideas which i don’t really interested in.
Also i am thinking to go now more for a “Game Jam a Week” instead of “Game A Week” to get some ratings for the game. The backside of this is that the stress level is then higher.

The other idea is to make much smaller games instead.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week10/

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