WEEK13-Zak Bounty

This week is wanted to make something small and something that is simple. I didn’t came up with an idea but my colleague Anna came up with a funny idea. Making a game where you control a smartphone and needs to collect bugs and features. My boss had also a simple idea which i will make besides the normal things.
This time i really wanted to first implement the gameplay but as usual – i need some graphics first 🙂 I love to see visuals.

What went good:
As i needed not much assets this works good. Also i had not much issue during the process.
I also thought about to implement Unity Ads but then i thought “uh then you need a privacy policy in store and within the app and so on – nah make them complete free”.

What went bad:

Even if this is a small game and it’s a mobile game it was a little kind of boring to make. It is funny yeah but i think it is not really fun to play.

Also i am not a good “normal” artist – i think the game would be much funnier with fancy graphics instead of pixel art.
Currently i am little bit sick of making mobile games – even if my first released PC game was no hit, i had more fun creating it and publish it.
The difference is simple: If you start making indie PC games there are let’s players and youtubers and streamers who cares about your game.

If you want to ask some of them “hey i have a brandnew shitty mobile game” – even if it s not shitty – they wouldn’t care. And i can understand this. Most of the mobile games sucks. I started in 2014 my game dev journey on a mobile market to learn that this is really the worst market to launch something even if you don’t want to spend money.
The problem is the huge amount of apps that got released everyday.
Now i missed the topic – but this is funny.

What i learned:
I don’t like to make mobile games but to make small shitty games it could be ok to “break out” the pattern. Besides this i didn’t learned much about things technically this week.

You can Play the Game on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nerdvisiongames.week13zakbounty

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