WEEK12 – Vollauf

This time i wanted to make a small game for our company event “Night of the Nerd” at my company ATINO GmbH.

I thought about something arcade like which can be played by 2 players.
And it should match the theme of the event “Volllauf” (which is a german word for “get drunken”).

As usually i wanted to draw most of the things by myself and the game should be fun in gameplay. I wanted to have a small prototype ready in the first days.

What went good:

If you don’t use Input Actions on Unitys new Input System and instead directly access the GamePad it works pretty well. It works much better than the old input system. Assets drawing was good too as usually.

Also i got directly feedback from my colleagues (it was the first time i really got feedback for a Game A Week game). They loved the art but was anoyed about the weired controll sheme (as the buttons doesnt really match as it should). Even my boss played the game :).

What went bad:

I overscoped as everytime – and i priorize wrong. Instead of having the gameplay logic ready setup first i made first the fancy “shit”. 3 hours before the event start i needed to implement the gameplay logic (winning, loosing, restart rounds, winner etc.).
So i finished my normal worked, logged off and start coding this within around 3 hours. Where the others are drinking beers i build the game 🙂
…but i had beer too :).
And i had some major bugs which i needed to sovle too. And as i thought “okay now we can go” and build it i had the issue that it runs very slow.
However i solved it shortly and so it could be played.

Also i had a small bug with a rotation of the bullet which i didn’t solved. Maybe next time.

What i learned:
Some things about Unitys New Input System. Also i SHOULD learn to priorize and to REALLY put gameplay first. But i too much love to style the game.
Also the controls are still floaty and i have to figure out next time what i am doing wrong.

Important: You need 2 Players and 2 Controllers to play this game. Keyboard is currently not supported. Also it is this time a Windows Build as Unity had a problem with the Input System Preview System in Web.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week12/Volllauf_win.zip

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