Hyper Skater

The games development startet in 2018 as a Ludum Dare 43 prototype. Back then i wanted to make a skate platformer. The prototype had 3 different enviroments you could play.

However it was far away from my vision and final product so i thought it would be great to continue it after Balloon Girl.

After the Steam version of Balloon Girl was released and failed in so many ways i was unsure if this game would go well on Steam with the lack of experience i had.
Also Steam visibility was bad back then too.
So i decided to cancel this game for now and make some other games.

I came back last year when i remember that i had this passion idea for a game with a Skateboard.
Things has changed now: i can release this games on consoles for Nintendo Switch and Playstation.
So if steam fails it would be hurt so much :).

How to get your game back on track ?

I decided to try it simple. So i open the Unity project and first try it out to see whats wrong with the game.
Then i started by fixing small bugs and improve things like the player movement. Core stuff mostly.
Game Devs is interesting – i had put myself too much in borders so that i had a fixed vision what to do.
But it didn’t fit the game design so i decided to change what i think is bad.

That works pretty good.
For example:
In the initial game the levels where just one big level to complete with no rooms or checkpoints.
I thought this is a good idea but as often i played i felt “well this is too hard” – if the level is too long it is also not good. I thought implement a room system in this code would be too complicated.
But: i just implemented it and it took very less time than i thought.

Thats how i now develop the game. I try to find out how the player could like this kind of game.
The last games i made were smaller games – this game isn’t really big currently too.
But with the room system i have the ability to make a much bigger then the first iteration.

(This is how it looks like now).

Livestream Game Development

Another thing is that i livestreamed part of the development and creation process on twitch. Not for a fanbase of other players (most streams had not much viewers).
Just to force myself not to interupt with games or social media.
That helped a lot and was really fun.

What now ?
The plan is to release the game on October 2024 if everything is well enough and ready and when i am satisfied with it.
If not it will be shifted to Februar 2025.
It will be available for Nintendo Switch and Steam. It is also planned to be released for Playstation but since Unity does another thing for PS Devs i am not sure if i pay the license fee for Unity Pro for a year (around 2000 USD).

Beeing an Indie Gamedev means also that mostly you would not get much cash from your games. However the consoles are more worth than steam for now.

Wishlist the game now:

Week20 – No Real Game again

To all my readers (if i should have any :)) – this week no game – sorry.
The week started rough with some personal things that made me a mad mood about doing things.
However i had an idea for a game – a Breakout in VR. Just you are in the ship like in the cover of “Alleyway” and controlling it.
I still like the idea so i designed a small capsulated ship.

And put in in a new game in space. And looked wonderful. The problem with VR games is that the oculus SDK is big and the setup for the project takes more time like regular games.
I had 2 prototypes for this week (and last week) for VR (a SuperHero VR).
So i moved them to this week. Both are unfinished but i really want to try out if this works (more the Breakout VR as the “Super Hero VR”).
So i should take them out from the “Game A Week” and try it out.

So its not that i did nothing – but is not finished in any state.

The second thing is that i was really unmotivated. Personal things in my life (not my family) that ruins the whole week until the weekend (where i was on a trip to a beach – this was really wonderful).
So as i was on a trip and i don’t want to stress i decided to skip this week.

However – i want to bring the “Game A Week” to a small “Final” 😀
I want to finish it to concentrate on the other tasks.

So maybe next week you know more.

WEEK17- Color Blocks

My boss had this idea of a color game where you need fast reactions. I made a small prototype and thought “whoa this sucks ass”.

So i tried to modify the idea a little bit to make it a little bit more interesting.
Instead of touch the screen you need to touch the block (if the color is not red). And you need to miss none of them.

It is a little endless arcade game then.

What went good:

It was a little small game. So nothing special to take care or of knowledge which is needed. Just try to simplify the game with just zero arts and sounds from opengameart.

What went bad:

Not much this time – i had no big motivation for this short game. So it is more a time waster. But overall i made again a game. So this should be ok. It is nothing special.

What i learned:
Sometimes it is ok to make small crappy mobile games.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week17/colorblocks.apk

WEEK16 – AvatarChattingGame

This week i thought about to do something little (as i always do). But really fast it was clear: this will be a little bit bigger task.

I thought about making a AvatarChattingGame (like in WhoRU but this time with client and server).

To keep it really simple here was my plan

– Making a game where 2 network players can simple interact (just they can run around and the other can see it)
– Use premade assets (specialize for the 3D Character)
– Chatting is a optional feature

First i wanted to skip this idea and try again with something stupid – but then i thought “hell you try this since years – do it now!”

And i did – and it was an interesting journey.

What went good:

Much more as i expected: i wrote a small Server in C#. It handles some types of packets and dispatch them to the clients.
What this time really went good: i used a premade Avatar from the Unity Asset Store which had a fully functional animator. So instead of design things i could concentrate of prototype this idea.

Second as i first expected i didn’t overscoped this. And i made this in the time. Also it was my first multiplayergame.

What went bad:

Not much this time – but i had some weired bugs. Also i used a Socket Server and Client instead of premade Libraries. Next time is should try them. There are some Libraries like Mirror or UNet (which is deprecated i think). But i wanted to do it “raw” this time.

The world is simple – but maybe i got to change this too until today in the evening.

What i learned:
A lot of Stuff about SocketClient Communication. Before that i wrote only Servers. This is the first time i got a client working. I learned that i am on the write way to write something like this.
Also i like what i did and i think about to extend this to a fully working “WhoRU” Replacement.

I provided the Source Code this time – so you can download it here: https://github.com/neowhoru/AvatarChattingGame

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week16/AvatingWindows.rar .

Just start the Exe in the Server directory and the client as often as you want.
Important: the Server has a little “disposed” Object issue which i was unable to solve. So the server could crash if clients leaving maybe.

WEEK13-Zak Bounty

This week is wanted to make something small and something that is simple. I didn’t came up with an idea but my colleague Anna came up with a funny idea. Making a game where you control a smartphone and needs to collect bugs and features. My boss had also a simple idea which i will make besides the normal things.
This time i really wanted to first implement the gameplay but as usual – i need some graphics first 🙂 I love to see visuals.

What went good:
As i needed not much assets this works good. Also i had not much issue during the process.
I also thought about to implement Unity Ads but then i thought “uh then you need a privacy policy in store and within the app and so on – nah make them complete free”.

What went bad:

Even if this is a small game and it’s a mobile game it was a little kind of boring to make. It is funny yeah but i think it is not really fun to play.

Also i am not a good “normal” artist – i think the game would be much funnier with fancy graphics instead of pixel art.
Currently i am little bit sick of making mobile games – even if my first released PC game was no hit, i had more fun creating it and publish it.
The difference is simple: If you start making indie PC games there are let’s players and youtubers and streamers who cares about your game.

If you want to ask some of them “hey i have a brandnew shitty mobile game” – even if it s not shitty – they wouldn’t care. And i can understand this. Most of the mobile games sucks. I started in 2014 my game dev journey on a mobile market to learn that this is really the worst market to launch something even if you don’t want to spend money.
The problem is the huge amount of apps that got released everyday.
Now i missed the topic – but this is funny.

What i learned:
I don’t like to make mobile games but to make small shitty games it could be ok to “break out” the pattern. Besides this i didn’t learned much about things technically this week.

You can Play the Game on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nerdvisiongames.week13zakbounty


Like the last week i felt again a little bit burned out. But i wanted to make something. I had the same idea like the previosly week about the WhoRU 3D Chat thing. But i discarded it and then i thought about a broforce clone but had not a good idea for it. Then i came up with a Bowling VR Game. I thought it could be simple and i could learn again some 3d Modeling.

What went good:

I had some motivation and i felt that making a 3D Game could be good.
And i had some fun creating a new Quest Game.

What went bad:

A lot of stuff – i thought i didn’t overscoped and thought “hey this will be easy – just throwing some objects” but then i realised that implementing real bowling physics is harder as i thought. So thats why there are feeling crappy. Also the level model scale is too big.

What i learned:
I learned much of 3D Modeling – some more basics at all. But things that are necessary. Also i learned it is not so easy to implement real Bowling Physics.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week11/ BowlingStars.apk

Music by Matthew Pablo

LD41 – True Love Adventures

Made for Ludum Dare 41 – Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Small Post Mortem:

It was my first compo game but i really hated this theme
This time my wife and my kids where on a weekend trip so i had the whole weekend to make a game. I also wanted to try compo (which i did). As the theme was announced i really thought about “should i skip?”.
Normally this is the fist intend in Ludum Dare but i learned from LD 40 that it could become a funny idea at all.

After i brainstormed a bit i had an idea for a Dating Action RPG Sim.

Starting the game wasn’t hard but it was the first time i made a TopDown Movement game. And i thought “nah this should be easier than making platforming” but then i realized i must draw much more as before (you have 4 directions…).

So i draw and starting setup the game. And i finished it without much playtesting and realizing the important things.

What workes good:
– Drawing was okay
– I made my own music this time

Was was bad:
– My idea was not bad but the world was too big to find the things you need
– Also my idea was just better in my head since in the game
– The controls where mess

This was the first time i realized “i must playtest more”.

You can play the game here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/true-love-adventure

WEEK9 – Cave Climber

This week was a little bit harder – as i had again only 2 or 3 days to make this game as i am on vacation and i want to drive to my family on thursday.

I had no clue about a good game that i can make fast in this time so i made this where i have the most experience in it. Make a platforming game but this time only go up like in Ice Climber or Kid Icarus.

Like in Kid Icarus i implement a Game Mechanic where the camera only follows up the player and if you fall down you die.

What went good:

I become fast in drawing and setup the game. I had the game setup and ready within the first two hours

What went wrong:
The game lacks a little bit of challenging and there is currently only one level. But besides this it works good this week.

What i learned:
Simple Camera tricks . And i learned that i became faster in prototyping a game which is really good.

Also i tested a new method to groundcheck the player (which works a lot better than before).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week9/


This is my first week in this self defined contest. For my first game i started making something simple but beatiful.
It is a 2d Space Shooter (Woohoo).

Art was made using Aseprite, Music with Beebpox and Bfxr for Sound Effects.

Also i used DOTween, PostProcessing Stack V2 and some Scanline Effects Shader.

What went good:

I had no big issues at all. All works as good as i had an idea how i can build this. I was really excited how good this Bloom Effect looks in Combination with the Scanlines.

What went wrong:

Not so much as usual – but i in my first planing i wanted more enemies and a final boss. Well i ended it up like this with an infinite shooter. If you know that you just publish and don’t care anymore it is harder to motivate to make it good

What i learned:

Space Shooter are simple games but they are really boring to make. However i loved the Combination for Bloom and Scanline Effects which i will use in other games as well.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week1/