WEEK2 – Rocket Man

After the good first week i struggled with a an interesting idea. I sketched 5 ideas and then on wednesday stick to the 5th idea.
The Idea is a platformer (yeah i really like this kinds of games :D) – but one where you can jump and fly a short amount of time.
The Design for Flying RocketMan came from Iron Man on Infinity War (when he fly to the space ship).
But the idea for the flying mechanic came again from a gameboy game “Gargoyles Quest” where you can fly a short amount of time.

As i am playing “Celeste” currently intensive i had combined this idea into my head.
The plot should be that you climb a Skyscraper from inside.
But it ended up to have just a street and some “Underground”.
Maybe i come up with more until tomorrow.

What went good:

The art becomes better – i became better at Pixel Artist and love my styles. Also its the first time that i created a Subway Entrance and it was just inspired by stock photos. I was really
Also the fly is a little bit fun.

What went wrong:

Too much went wrong – starting by the time shedule. I just underestimate the needed time for some tasks as usual. As i am writing this it is Saturday and the game is just only half playable.
Maybe i focused too much on Art but i need some art to get the cool look and feel for the game.
Cause i made more art i didn’t recognized the buggy gameplay mechanics.

And finally i tested the WebBuild too late and didn’t recognized several more bugs in there. However i didn’t care now.
I shipped a really buggy game now (and maybe no one will care or play it :)).

What i learned:

I still love this types of games. Also i made heavy used of the particle system for the dust and the rockets.
Also i found new ways to better jumping and test another method out to get the character properly grounded.
And i found the best Cam Shake Solution with DOTween.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week2/

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