This is my first week in this self defined contest. For my first game i started making something simple but beatiful.
It is a 2d Space Shooter (Woohoo).

Art was made using Aseprite, Music with Beebpox and Bfxr for Sound Effects.

Also i used DOTween, PostProcessing Stack V2 and some Scanline Effects Shader.

What went good:

I had no big issues at all. All works as good as i had an idea how i can build this. I was really excited how good this Bloom Effect looks in Combination with the Scanlines.

What went wrong:

Not so much as usual – but i in my first planing i wanted more enemies and a final boss. Well i ended it up like this with an infinite shooter. If you know that you just publish and don’t care anymore it is harder to motivate to make it good

What i learned:

Space Shooter are simple games but they are really boring to make. However i loved the Combination for Bloom and Scanline Effects which i will use in other games as well.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week1/

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