WEEK3 – Crazy Drive

This week i wanted to make something different. I thought about a simple 3D Racing Game like Midtown Madness free drive mode. I was also inspired by the idea of a part of a korean movie (Who Are You) where there is a small racing game in the city with your avatars.

As i was unsure if it is okay to use premade Assets i asked Rami Ismail if this is okay (and he said yes). So i started the game and started to figure out how to drive a car.

What went good:

Well i found a car and i found driving mechanics really simple.

What went wrong:

I had no real passion to the idea. I like the idea to make a racing game in 3d (as i don’t like many 2D Racing games) but this turns out to be odd. It is not that thing that i can develop.

Also not making any Art (ok i made a badge that i don’t use currently) just made me sad about.

However i decided to cut this game on saturday off and release it as it is.

You can drive around in a AssetStore City and that was it 🙂

What i learned:

My passion are more 2d games and Unity is a mess with big meshes. I also learned some small thingsa bout Cel Shading and played around with some lights.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week3/

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