WEEK4 – Gun Party

This week i wanted to draw pixel art again. Some monthes ago i participate in DREAMHACK Jam from GameJolt where i made a Gun Dungeon brawler.
The initial idea was to make a Bomberman Game with Guns instead of Bombs. At the End of the jam i had something similiar like enter the gungeon but not the core concept.
So i decided this week to go for the Bomberman like think and to concentrate only on this.

What went good:

The art was ok – i also draw the full spritesheet but just used the idle sprite for the players. And i learned that this is enough to test something out.
Also the game is playable and finishable and it is my first multiplayer game i made.

What went wrong:

Unity Tilemap System is a little bit anoying. I must go much deeper in it as i thought. I have still a weired bug where i cannot destroy the tile (only just sometimes). The collision detection of the trigger doesnt recognize this properly.

Also i underestimate the time needed to do a lot of stuff.
And i must learn to make the art first minimal for the prototypes.
I am wondering about myself why i just a more “polisher” in this case before the core gameplay mechanic is beatiful.

The gameplay is a little bit boring. It is not as cool as i thought.

What i learned:

I must go deeper in Unitys Tilemap System and figure out how Prefab Brushes for example works. I just use a small potential for what is possible.
Also i made my first 2 player multiplayer game and learned some stuff about this too. For example i must now differ the collider tag when player gets hit to know if this is my bullet or the enemy bullet (and take damage).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week4/

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