WEEK5 – Puzeon

This week starts a little bit without a real idea. I first had the idea of a metroidvania like matrix game. But i realize that it takes much time to manage and this could be too less time to do it correctly. Also i wanted to finish something. I began to work on the matrix game on tuesday but discarded this on wednesday and start over with Puzeon.
The idea is to get the key and open the door and that the levels should be more challenging to get the key. It should be a Puzzle Dungeon Game.

What went good:

I find the solution for a problem which i couldn’t solve in week 4 with Gungame where the collision of tiles was the problem. The solution was pretty easy: Use Prefab Brushes in Unity to draw prefabs.

What went wrong:

The lack of challenging – i have no fucking clue how to make it more interesting at all.
Also the collision of Unity is something a pain. I wanted that you can push the box “one” field. But instead of that it moves really weired.
Maybe i fix this later – but if not it is okay to live with it.

But this is a problem which i had the last weeks often : buggy gameplay or unexpected gameplay bugs. I should really try to focus more on the gameplay mechanics.

Also it lacks of sound and music.

What i learned:

I learned using Prefabs as Tiles, Animated Tiles which is pretty good.
But Prefabs Tiles has the problems that you cannot really deleted them with the tileeditor .

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week5/

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