WEEK6 – Chase Syndicate

Before this week started i had already an idea what i wanted to do. As Ludum Dare 45 starts this week too i only had literaly 3 days to do something.

I had this idea about a Top-down Car Game but i was not sure if it is a simple parking game or something with shooting 🙂

So i made two game modes – Parking and Chase. In Chase you must escape the cop and reach the finish line. If you get hit you lost the game.

What went good:

Art Style was okay – and i managed to finish a Title Screen. I like the Logo. But besides this too much go wrong.

But i learned something from Chasing AI.

What went wrong:

As usual i overscope the project.
As usual i first made too much art instead of bringing the game in a playable state.

And i didn’t really notice what this project really is (a parking game, a GTA shooting game, or a chasing game).

The main problems was : i managed new things that i didn’t solved completly. For example i thought “hey a parking game is easy” but i didn’t got it solved how to detect that the full object is inside the trigger.
This doesn’t worked as i expected.
Then there is only one parking level and only one chase level.

What i learned:
I learned the experience how a top down car game works and that it is more complicated as i first thought.
I learned that a simple follow AI is not enough in a Car Game and that i needed more a pathfinding algorythm to implement it more properly (which i didn’t had time for).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week6/

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