LD40 – Wonderland

Made for Ludum Dare 40 – The more you have, the worse it is

Small Post Mortem:

This was one my favorite LD Games.
I woke up 1 hour after the jam starts and before i got to bed i saw one theme where i said “please no – not this one”.

After i woke up i saw the theme and thought “it is that one that i dredded the most”. After scrolling the LD page and making coffee i thought about the idea for a game. I didn’t thought that i can come up with something good.

But then i had something:
Making a Platformer where everything more you collected has a negative effect. If you collect moons, it gets darker. If you collect sun, it gets brighter.
And if you collect coffee you get faster.
And if you collect beer – you get more drunken (Screen got blurred).

So i started to draw something, to create the project and to work on it. It worked pretty well besides some small issues (blur was harder to make first but then worked too and i had some annoying bugs).

But i made it and you know what ? I got 50th in Theme 🙂
My best rated game so far in a category.


Wonder Land is a crazy simple Platformer. The only thing you need to do is to collect items.

But …there is more…you need to open the Exit Door. Sounds easy huh ? Well lets see how easy it is 🙂

Please note: In this Version 2 Levels are playable currently. I had prepared some more 2 levels (beer and coffee) but i lost them currently. So this will come later in a Post JAM Version.

The planned levels completely was :

  • “if you collect moons, it would be darker”
  • “if you collect suns, it would be brighter”
  • “if you collect more beer, more blurry it is”
  • “if you drink too much coffee, you are running too fast”
  • “if you kill an enemy, 5 more would be spawned”!
  • “if you collect too much coins, money bags are dropping from sky and can kill you”

HOW TO PLAY: AD OR < > to move left and right, Space to Jump. You can use the keyboard. XBox One Controller just works partically and i didnt got to work it full.

Audio Rate is disabled as i used Premade Public Domain Music from OpenGame Art. Thanks to the following Music Artist for the music: https://opengameart.org/users/subspaceaudio

Tools that i used:

  • http://sfbgames.com/chiptone/ (for Sound FX – someone posted this on Saturday morning here :))
  • Unity 2017.2 (with the new Tilemap System)
  • Aseprite (for all assets)
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