WEEK8 – TV Places VR

As i stucked the week before on making something for the Oculus Quest i want to spent again some time with it.
I copied the project over from the last week (as i didn’t used it finally but it had the oculus stuff already there) and restart.
I was unsure about a concrete concept. I wanted to explore some ideas in VR that i like.
These are:
– Visit locations from “Friends” in VR.
– I wanted to have something like the “HyperJump” Program from Matrix.
– I want to fly like in Richies Plank Experience
– I want a discothek which plays a 80s Radio Stream.

That was the ideas so far – but i was not sticked to say “hey all must be worked”.

What went good:

I got the debugging process working and understand how the Quest Setup works.
I finally got this “wow” moment when i entered monicas apartment in VR (it was on the same day where jennifer aniston posted a picture on instagram with the other friends guys).
It was and still is amazing to walk in this friends set. I had this idea 1.5 years ago when i got a GearVR.

I first got it working to fly..which is currently only upwards (on Friday).
But now i got it working to fly really good with a flying controller that i found somewhere on a github repository (here: https://github.com/SanadaSeiji/SuperheroInSpace_Scripts_Graphics_Final_Project).
It works much better as my solution

What went wrong:
It is the second time i try a 3d game and i have no modeling skills. That took too much time (and i often gave up searching for free assets to use for the game). Also i had some models made they didn’t worked in Unity.
And i didn’t got texture paint working or UVMapping.
But overall these were small issues.

What i learned:
A lot about Blender and modeling. Also i learned that FBX Import is good in unity but you need to use “Use External Materials (Legacy)” in the Mesh Settings to easy apply the textures. The new method seems not to work properly. Also i learned the basics for the oculus SDK.

You can download the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week8/FriendsNFly.apk .

Please note: this time you need https://sidequestvr.com/#/ and a Oculus Quest to run the game.

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