Hyper Skater

The games development startet in 2018 as a Ludum Dare 43 prototype. Back then i wanted to make a skate platformer. The prototype had 3 different enviroments you could play.

However it was far away from my vision and final product so i thought it would be great to continue it after Balloon Girl.

After the Steam version of Balloon Girl was released and failed in so many ways i was unsure if this game would go well on Steam with the lack of experience i had.
Also Steam visibility was bad back then too.
So i decided to cancel this game for now and make some other games.

I came back last year when i remember that i had this passion idea for a game with a Skateboard.
Things has changed now: i can release this games on consoles for Nintendo Switch and Playstation.
So if steam fails it would be hurt so much :).

How to get your game back on track ?

I decided to try it simple. So i open the Unity project and first try it out to see whats wrong with the game.
Then i started by fixing small bugs and improve things like the player movement. Core stuff mostly.
Game Devs is interesting – i had put myself too much in borders so that i had a fixed vision what to do.
But it didn’t fit the game design so i decided to change what i think is bad.

That works pretty good.
For example:
In the initial game the levels where just one big level to complete with no rooms or checkpoints.
I thought this is a good idea but as often i played i felt “well this is too hard” – if the level is too long it is also not good. I thought implement a room system in this code would be too complicated.
But: i just implemented it and it took very less time than i thought.

Thats how i now develop the game. I try to find out how the player could like this kind of game.
The last games i made were smaller games – this game isn’t really big currently too.
But with the room system i have the ability to make a much bigger then the first iteration.

(This is how it looks like now).

Livestream Game Development

Another thing is that i livestreamed part of the development and creation process on twitch. Not for a fanbase of other players (most streams had not much viewers).
Just to force myself not to interupt with games or social media.
That helped a lot and was really fun.

What now ?
The plan is to release the game on October 2024 if everything is well enough and ready and when i am satisfied with it.
If not it will be shifted to Februar 2025.
It will be available for Nintendo Switch and Steam. It is also planned to be released for Playstation but since Unity does another thing for PS Devs i am not sure if i pay the license fee for Unity Pro for a year (around 2000 USD).

Beeing an Indie Gamedev means also that mostly you would not get much cash from your games. However the consoles are more worth than steam for now.

Wishlist the game now:

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