Week19 – Brickout

First of all: Happy New Year! It is the week where 2020 started. After the end of the 2019 year (which was a great experience) i now started very slowly in this week. Again i had the idea making VR games (and i still have it) so i started on a previous idea for “Super Hero VR”. The problem with this idea or general for the VR Games is that i need much more time to explore. I was really busy try out this idea. Besides this i got my Xbox Devkit working so i played around to figure out how to port one of my games and how hard it is to make games for it (which is a little bit harder as i initial thought but overall it is not really hard at all to port existing pc game).

However – i was busy this week doing this things and thinking about in which direction i should go in the next time. As i didn’t feel to have a real game i thought i should make one really fast game. After looking a video on Youtube about a Breakout Clone made in 10 minutes for the brackeys challenge i thought “ok i will take a little bit longer but this could be great”.

So i made a breakout / alleyway / Arkanoid clone like game.

One thing to note: i am not sure if i quit Game A Week or just pause it or something but as i need some time to finish my two game ideas and to port a game to Xbox it could be that i pause this challenge. But i just decide this next week 🙂
The reason is: my last 2019 game was jam game for “mini jam 44” where i got some feedback and a result on how good i am. I am really missing this in Game A Week. I got no real feedback in most of the time (which is okay to test ideas but mostly no one really cares about this games).
I am thinking about to switch to a “often Jam participation” instead in not regular base.

What went good:

After i decided to make a breakout game everything works good and i felt good. It is a small game but it has some physics logic in it and it is still a funny concept.

What went bad:

Because i thought until saturday i make a VR Game, it worked bad until saturday as i didn’t knew what exactly i want to do. Making the breakout at the end was the best i could do.

What i learned:
It is totally okay to throw an idea away after 6 days and make a small one on day 7. I learned a lot other stuff this week which is game related too. Working with Xbox is really amazing – and making VR Worlds is a really cool experience. But this means i need more time to invest (one week is too less even if its a week after new years eve :D).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week19/

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