WEEK3 – Crazy Drive

This week i wanted to make something different. I thought about a simple 3D Racing Game like Midtown Madness free drive mode. I was also inspired by the idea of a part of a korean movie (Who Are You) where there is a small racing game in the city with your avatars.

As i was unsure if it is okay to use premade Assets i asked Rami Ismail if this is okay (and he said yes). So i started the game and started to figure out how to drive a car.

What went good:

Well i found a car and i found driving mechanics really simple.

What went wrong:

I had no real passion to the idea. I like the idea to make a racing game in 3d (as i don’t like many 2D Racing games) but this turns out to be odd. It is not that thing that i can develop.

Also not making any Art (ok i made a badge that i don’t use currently) just made me sad about.

However i decided to cut this game on saturday off and release it as it is.

You can drive around in a AssetStore City and that was it 🙂

What i learned:

My passion are more 2d games and Unity is a mess with big meshes. I also learned some small thingsa bout Cel Shading and played around with some lights.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week3/

WEEK2 – Rocket Man

After the good first week i struggled with a an interesting idea. I sketched 5 ideas and then on wednesday stick to the 5th idea.
The Idea is a platformer (yeah i really like this kinds of games :D) – but one where you can jump and fly a short amount of time.
The Design for Flying RocketMan came from Iron Man on Infinity War (when he fly to the space ship).
But the idea for the flying mechanic came again from a gameboy game “Gargoyles Quest” where you can fly a short amount of time.

As i am playing “Celeste” currently intensive i had combined this idea into my head.
The plot should be that you climb a Skyscraper from inside.
But it ended up to have just a street and some “Underground”.
Maybe i come up with more until tomorrow.

What went good:

The art becomes better – i became better at Pixel Artist and love my styles. Also its the first time that i created a Subway Entrance and it was just inspired by stock photos. I was really
Also the fly is a little bit fun.

What went wrong:

Too much went wrong – starting by the time shedule. I just underestimate the needed time for some tasks as usual. As i am writing this it is Saturday and the game is just only half playable.
Maybe i focused too much on Art but i need some art to get the cool look and feel for the game.
Cause i made more art i didn’t recognized the buggy gameplay mechanics.

And finally i tested the WebBuild too late and didn’t recognized several more bugs in there. However i didn’t care now.
I shipped a really buggy game now (and maybe no one will care or play it :)).

What i learned:

I still love this types of games. Also i made heavy used of the particle system for the dust and the rockets.
Also i found new ways to better jumping and test another method out to get the character properly grounded.
And i found the best Cam Shake Solution with DOTween.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week2/


This is my first week in this self defined contest. For my first game i started making something simple but beatiful.
It is a 2d Space Shooter (Woohoo).

Art was made using Aseprite, Music with Beebpox and Bfxr for Sound Effects.

Also i used DOTween, PostProcessing Stack V2 and some Scanline Effects Shader.

What went good:

I had no big issues at all. All works as good as i had an idea how i can build this. I was really excited how good this Bloom Effect looks in Combination with the Scanlines.

What went wrong:

Not so much as usual – but i in my first planing i wanted more enemies and a final boss. Well i ended it up like this with an infinite shooter. If you know that you just publish and don’t care anymore it is harder to motivate to make it good

What i learned:

Space Shooter are simple games but they are really boring to make. However i loved the Combination for Bloom and Scanline Effects which i will use in other games as well.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week1/

LD39 – Energy Boy

Play it here : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/energy-boy

Description from Ludum Dare Page.

Energy Boy is a simple platformer.

Story Aliens invaded the earth and all peoples are Fall asleep. All ? No – Energy Boy is still awake but you need to help him to stay awake.

Gameplay White the time is running you loosing energy (like in real life). Collect energy drinks gives you more time.

Controls are W S A D (or arrows) and Space.

What is missing Well I planned enemies but the time was running out. Will come to a Post LD39 Version.

EDIT: enemies where done – i just forgot to update this here 🙂 Music is missing too.

Tools that i user

  • Unity 2017.1
  • Asperite
  • Bfxr

All Assets where created by me (so i didnt used other assets). I just exported a Web Build (but PC wasnt possible currently as a Bug in 2017 with the Player Exporter for PC). EDIT: Windows Build is now there and i added a Linux Build (but it is not tested yet if it runs).

Balloon Girl

Balloon Girl is a flying adventure game where you must to collect all balloons through all levels.

All Magic Balloons are lost and you must find them all .

Your adventure will take place in over 50 Levels with handdrawn pixel art style and a cool chiptune soundtrack.

A really unique Adventure which you must play.

– Handdrawn Retrostyled Pixel Art
– Unique easy GamePlay
– 4 Playable Characters
– Over 50 challenging levels which will breaks your mind
– Cute Enemies

Packet Stamper

Packet Stamper is a small game where you must stamp packets.

Stamping quickly has its advantages! If you are loose one packet your are game over!

Packet Stamper is a challenging game arcade pixel art style game.
And its not so easy.

• Tap the packet in the white area to get points
• Dont miss a packet or the game is over
• You can reach titles as higher you can

With Leaderboards.

Enjoy the game!

Turtle Jump

Turtle Jump is a FREE funny and addictive arcade Game in 8-Bit Retro Style.
You control a hero who shouldn’t even geht hit by a aggressive zombie turtle.

Easy to play:
– Tap to jump
– Don’t get hit by a Turtle

– easy gameplay
– Leaderboard & Game Center Integration
– Funny characters

Challenge your friends and beat their highscore.