WEEK10 – Neon Legends

This week i felt a little bit burned out and i felt that the Game A Week is eating all my free time currently.

However i first though about of remaking “Who Are You” in simple (3D Chat with a base male and base female avatar). But i discarded the idea and thought about of making a 2d Top Down RPG (like Full Metal Furies as i thought they just trick out the sprite drawings and this could be easy – how wrong i was).
So i decided to have 3 skills (Bullet, Spell Cast and Hammer Throw) and ended up with a arcade shooter instead of RPG.

I had no big motivation to do it this time.

I planned to learn Unity New Input System (in preview – and i will learn why it is still preview…).

What went good:

Not much this time. Well i got a game and i got accidently an Arcade game.

What went wrong:
Almost everything else.
Graphics was okay but i spent too much time to refine them.

I had no big motivation (Iike in Crazy Driver) to make this game. This is when it feels like time wasting.
Also Unitys New Input System is in a really buggy state. I tried to switch animation State on Input Callbacks. This only works for the first event but not for the second i didn’t figured out why.
So at the end when time rush i decided to make a Arcade Shooter (with Waves – which can be infinite maybe).

Also i really overscoped this again. If i thought about how much thing i must do i really thought “oh boy – no” 🙂

What i learned:
The new Unity Input System is still a alpha and has many bugs in my opinion. So if you want to use – use it on your own risk.

The next thing i learned is that i need more time to test some ideas out sometimes and that i shoulnd’t pick ideas which i don’t really interested in.
Also i am thinking to go now more for a “Game Jam a Week” instead of “Game A Week” to get some ratings for the game. The backside of this is that the stress level is then higher.

The other idea is to make much smaller games instead.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week10/

WEEK9 – Cave Climber

This week was a little bit harder – as i had again only 2 or 3 days to make this game as i am on vacation and i want to drive to my family on thursday.

I had no clue about a good game that i can make fast in this time so i made this where i have the most experience in it. Make a platforming game but this time only go up like in Ice Climber or Kid Icarus.

Like in Kid Icarus i implement a Game Mechanic where the camera only follows up the player and if you fall down you die.

What went good:

I become fast in drawing and setup the game. I had the game setup and ready within the first two hours

What went wrong:
The game lacks a little bit of challenging and there is currently only one level. But besides this it works good this week.

What i learned:
Simple Camera tricks . And i learned that i became faster in prototyping a game which is really good.

Also i tested a new method to groundcheck the player (which works a lot better than before).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week9/

WEEK8 – TV Places VR

As i stucked the week before on making something for the Oculus Quest i want to spent again some time with it.
I copied the project over from the last week (as i didn’t used it finally but it had the oculus stuff already there) and restart.
I was unsure about a concrete concept. I wanted to explore some ideas in VR that i like.
These are:
– Visit locations from “Friends” in VR.
– I wanted to have something like the “HyperJump” Program from Matrix.
– I want to fly like in Richies Plank Experience
– I want a discothek which plays a 80s Radio Stream.

That was the ideas so far – but i was not sticked to say “hey all must be worked”.

What went good:

I got the debugging process working and understand how the Quest Setup works.
I finally got this “wow” moment when i entered monicas apartment in VR (it was on the same day where jennifer aniston posted a picture on instagram with the other friends guys).
It was and still is amazing to walk in this friends set. I had this idea 1.5 years ago when i got a GearVR.

I first got it working to fly..which is currently only upwards (on Friday).
But now i got it working to fly really good with a flying controller that i found somewhere on a github repository (here: https://github.com/SanadaSeiji/SuperheroInSpace_Scripts_Graphics_Final_Project).
It works much better as my solution

What went wrong:
It is the second time i try a 3d game and i have no modeling skills. That took too much time (and i often gave up searching for free assets to use for the game). Also i had some models made they didn’t worked in Unity.
And i didn’t got texture paint working or UVMapping.
But overall these were small issues.

What i learned:
A lot about Blender and modeling. Also i learned that FBX Import is good in unity but you need to use “Use External Materials (Legacy)” in the Mesh Settings to easy apply the textures. The new method seems not to work properly. Also i learned the basics for the oculus SDK.

You can download the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week8/FriendsNFly.apk .

Please note: this time you need https://sidequestvr.com/#/ and a Oculus Quest to run the game.

WEEK7 – ShuffleUp Cafe

After Ludum Dare 45 i wanted to play around with my new Oculus Quest. Due some issue with the Cabel and the Setup with a PC i didn’t got it working until friday night. I wanted to build a small VR Game but then i realize that this would take more time as i expected. To finish a game this week i started on saturday a concept where i thought the week about.

In some cases it is similiar to pong but the initial idea came from an amiga game called “Shufflepuck Cafe” which i really enjoyed

So i decided to make a simple “TopDown” version of that game.

What went good:

As i started really late to make this idea, it works out good. I needed around 3 or 4 hours to finish the game.

What went wrong:
In the end the core gameplay mechanic has a bug (it doesn’t count right the points). I was unable to solve this properly until the deadline. This is really bad.

What i learned:
Even the simple game can have major bugs. I learned some small things about Ball Physics.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week7/

WEEK6 – Chase Syndicate

Before this week started i had already an idea what i wanted to do. As Ludum Dare 45 starts this week too i only had literaly 3 days to do something.

I had this idea about a Top-down Car Game but i was not sure if it is a simple parking game or something with shooting 🙂

So i made two game modes – Parking and Chase. In Chase you must escape the cop and reach the finish line. If you get hit you lost the game.

What went good:

Art Style was okay – and i managed to finish a Title Screen. I like the Logo. But besides this too much go wrong.

But i learned something from Chasing AI.

What went wrong:

As usual i overscope the project.
As usual i first made too much art instead of bringing the game in a playable state.

And i didn’t really notice what this project really is (a parking game, a GTA shooting game, or a chasing game).

The main problems was : i managed new things that i didn’t solved completly. For example i thought “hey a parking game is easy” but i didn’t got it solved how to detect that the full object is inside the trigger.
This doesn’t worked as i expected.
Then there is only one parking level and only one chase level.

What i learned:
I learned the experience how a top down car game works and that it is more complicated as i first thought.
I learned that a simple follow AI is not enough in a Car Game and that i needed more a pathfinding algorythm to implement it more properly (which i didn’t had time for).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week6/

WEEK5 – Puzeon

This week starts a little bit without a real idea. I first had the idea of a metroidvania like matrix game. But i realize that it takes much time to manage and this could be too less time to do it correctly. Also i wanted to finish something. I began to work on the matrix game on tuesday but discarded this on wednesday and start over with Puzeon.
The idea is to get the key and open the door and that the levels should be more challenging to get the key. It should be a Puzzle Dungeon Game.

What went good:

I find the solution for a problem which i couldn’t solve in week 4 with Gungame where the collision of tiles was the problem. The solution was pretty easy: Use Prefab Brushes in Unity to draw prefabs.

What went wrong:

The lack of challenging – i have no fucking clue how to make it more interesting at all.
Also the collision of Unity is something a pain. I wanted that you can push the box “one” field. But instead of that it moves really weired.
Maybe i fix this later – but if not it is okay to live with it.

But this is a problem which i had the last weeks often : buggy gameplay or unexpected gameplay bugs. I should really try to focus more on the gameplay mechanics.

Also it lacks of sound and music.

What i learned:

I learned using Prefabs as Tiles, Animated Tiles which is pretty good.
But Prefabs Tiles has the problems that you cannot really deleted them with the tileeditor .

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week5/

WEEK4 – Gun Party

This week i wanted to draw pixel art again. Some monthes ago i participate in DREAMHACK Jam from GameJolt where i made a Gun Dungeon brawler.
The initial idea was to make a Bomberman Game with Guns instead of Bombs. At the End of the jam i had something similiar like enter the gungeon but not the core concept.
So i decided this week to go for the Bomberman like think and to concentrate only on this.

What went good:

The art was ok – i also draw the full spritesheet but just used the idle sprite for the players. And i learned that this is enough to test something out.
Also the game is playable and finishable and it is my first multiplayer game i made.

What went wrong:

Unity Tilemap System is a little bit anoying. I must go much deeper in it as i thought. I have still a weired bug where i cannot destroy the tile (only just sometimes). The collision detection of the trigger doesnt recognize this properly.

Also i underestimate the time needed to do a lot of stuff.
And i must learn to make the art first minimal for the prototypes.
I am wondering about myself why i just a more “polisher” in this case before the core gameplay mechanic is beatiful.

The gameplay is a little bit boring. It is not as cool as i thought.

What i learned:

I must go deeper in Unitys Tilemap System and figure out how Prefab Brushes for example works. I just use a small potential for what is possible.
Also i made my first 2 player multiplayer game and learned some stuff about this too. For example i must now differ the collider tag when player gets hit to know if this is my bullet or the enemy bullet (and take damage).

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week4/

WEEK3 – Crazy Drive

This week i wanted to make something different. I thought about a simple 3D Racing Game like Midtown Madness free drive mode. I was also inspired by the idea of a part of a korean movie (Who Are You) where there is a small racing game in the city with your avatars.

As i was unsure if it is okay to use premade Assets i asked Rami Ismail if this is okay (and he said yes). So i started the game and started to figure out how to drive a car.

What went good:

Well i found a car and i found driving mechanics really simple.

What went wrong:

I had no real passion to the idea. I like the idea to make a racing game in 3d (as i don’t like many 2D Racing games) but this turns out to be odd. It is not that thing that i can develop.

Also not making any Art (ok i made a badge that i don’t use currently) just made me sad about.

However i decided to cut this game on saturday off and release it as it is.

You can drive around in a AssetStore City and that was it 🙂

What i learned:

My passion are more 2d games and Unity is a mess with big meshes. I also learned some small thingsa bout Cel Shading and played around with some lights.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week3/

WEEK2 – Rocket Man

After the good first week i struggled with a an interesting idea. I sketched 5 ideas and then on wednesday stick to the 5th idea.
The Idea is a platformer (yeah i really like this kinds of games :D) – but one where you can jump and fly a short amount of time.
The Design for Flying RocketMan came from Iron Man on Infinity War (when he fly to the space ship).
But the idea for the flying mechanic came again from a gameboy game “Gargoyles Quest” where you can fly a short amount of time.

As i am playing “Celeste” currently intensive i had combined this idea into my head.
The plot should be that you climb a Skyscraper from inside.
But it ended up to have just a street and some “Underground”.
Maybe i come up with more until tomorrow.

What went good:

The art becomes better – i became better at Pixel Artist and love my styles. Also its the first time that i created a Subway Entrance and it was just inspired by stock photos. I was really
Also the fly is a little bit fun.

What went wrong:

Too much went wrong – starting by the time shedule. I just underestimate the needed time for some tasks as usual. As i am writing this it is Saturday and the game is just only half playable.
Maybe i focused too much on Art but i need some art to get the cool look and feel for the game.
Cause i made more art i didn’t recognized the buggy gameplay mechanics.

And finally i tested the WebBuild too late and didn’t recognized several more bugs in there. However i didn’t care now.
I shipped a really buggy game now (and maybe no one will care or play it :)).

What i learned:

I still love this types of games. Also i made heavy used of the particle system for the dust and the rockets.
Also i found new ways to better jumping and test another method out to get the character properly grounded.
And i found the best Cam Shake Solution with DOTween.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week2/


This is my first week in this self defined contest. For my first game i started making something simple but beatiful.
It is a 2d Space Shooter (Woohoo).

Art was made using Aseprite, Music with Beebpox and Bfxr for Sound Effects.

Also i used DOTween, PostProcessing Stack V2 and some Scanline Effects Shader.

What went good:

I had no big issues at all. All works as good as i had an idea how i can build this. I was really excited how good this Bloom Effect looks in Combination with the Scanlines.

What went wrong:

Not so much as usual – but i in my first planing i wanted more enemies and a final boss. Well i ended it up like this with an infinite shooter. If you know that you just publish and don’t care anymore it is harder to motivate to make it good

What i learned:

Space Shooter are simple games but they are really boring to make. However i loved the Combination for Bloom and Scanline Effects which i will use in other games as well.

You can Play the Game here: https://www.nerdvision.net/GAW/Week1/